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Rhythm Paintings

Rhythm has been central to my life for decades. Many of you who are following my art on this page may not know that aside from being a visual artist, I am also a professional drummer; I have performed music professionally since I was a teenager. Exploring rhythm, along with other musical elements, has been a natural progression in my visual art.

I am referring to my new body of abstract works as “Rhythm Paintings”.

Music has been called the most abstract of all art forms, so stripping my most recent paintings of representational reference and titles seems to be the most obvious, direct, and efficient way to highlight and explore the commonalities between visual and auditory (musical) art.

Although my current abstract works are not completely non-objective, I’ve decided to avoid descriptive titles that may limit the viewer’s experience.

Mondrian used the word “composition”, referring to the arrangement of visual elements in his work. My current body of abstract paintings refers to visual art as well as music, so I have decided to use the term “composition” to encompass both the visual and musical sense of the word.

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