Gregorian Crime and Punishment: The Deadly Sins


The Deadly Sins are a classification of vices that were created in the late sixth century by Pope Gregory the Great.  Each painting in The Gregorian Crime and Punishment series of paintings, is an exploration of one of the Deadly Sins, combined with the associated punishment in hell.  To aid in further understanding of the paintings, the Latin name, the English translation, and the punishment in hell have been provided below:  


SIN                                     PUNISHMENT


Vanity                                 broken on the wheel

Envy                                   put in freezing water

Wrath                                  dismembered alive 

Sloth                                   thrown in snake pits

Greed                                  put in cauldrons of boiling oil

Gluttony                              forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes

Lust                                    smothered in fire and brimstone

Sorrow                                sorrow is its own punishment


*This set of paintings can be found in the CD booklet of Marty Theissen’s Drum vs. Bass album, Inferno.

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